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Piombi, Grey Vase



Vase made of Murano glass, mouth-blown and skilfully hand made according to the ancient tecniques of the Venetian Glassmasters. Elegant and smooth is its decoration with“Fili” on grey transparent surface, available in two sizes.

Each piece is unique, signed by the glassmaster, provided with IMuranesi stamp and a Certificate of Guarantee.

Colour: Crystal Grey and Black stripes


Medium(large vase) - h30, diam.25cm (h13.77, d9.84 in)
Large(tall vase) – h35, diam.20cm (h13.77, d7.87 in)




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Shipping on 27/11

Murano Glass – Made in Italy

Each piece has been carefully hand-made according to the profound knowledge of glassmasters from Murano. Little size and colour variations are due to our artisanal productive process.


The refinement of grey colour together with the elegance of black millerighe decoration artfully handmade by glass masters create a quite optical effect.

 Simple decorations and colours are peculiar features in this collection where two sizes (large and large) are available. All working phases depend from the Master's manual skill and the temperature of the glass paste. Each item can never have its identical twin. Each piece is originally "unique".* All our products are provided with a Certificate of Guarantee.

Sizes and colours can differ or not correspond  exactly to the photos. Each item is handmade because unique and original.

Care istructions: Clean the surface lamp with a duster. Use only light cleaning soap

Good to know: signed by "diamond" engreved, Label "Imuranesi, Hand Made - Made in Italy" guarantee

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