About us

The liquid matter that skilled hands have molded for centuries according to the Murano technique.

The strength of the glass masters, able to give life to objects full of emotional meanings.

Between reflections of light and water, in the heart of the furnaces where it all begins.


IMuranesi is an artistic project born from the imagination of Giampaolo Barbini, bringing in this concept the legacy of one of the oldest Venetian families, always linked to the glassmaking Muranese world.
The bond with the best designers and glass artists - as Cleto Munari, Mendini, Luca Scacchetti, David Palter, De Lucchi - the refined and modern design, the choice of colors and innovative manufacturing techniques, the harmony of the details: this is what makes our collections truly unique.

As heirs of such a precious tradition, we believe that Murano glass can give life not only to decorative but also to functional artworks, capable of enhancing the existing settings and fulfiling any demanding taste.

IMuranesi is now a popular international brand: our creations, which are present in the best home decor shops and department stores, meet the tastes of clients looking for a modern and innovative design yet conscious of the unique and traditional value of Murano glass.


Barbini Family

The Barbinis belong to an ancient family of glassmakers, who can trace their presence in the island of Murano back to the second half of the XVIth century.

In 1658, at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, by order of the Consiglio dei Dieci - ten board members were the highest political authority after the Duke of Venice - the Barbini family was entered in the “Golden Book of the Magnificent Community of Murano”, historically known as the book of glassmaking nobility in Venice. They were also given a coat of arms of the family - two bearded wisemen facing a star on a blue background - which can be still admired on the wall in Giustiniani Palace, house of the Glass Museum in Murano.

During the XVIIth and the XVIIIth c. they were better celebrated as master craftsmen who artfully created glazed glass objects, caned glass panes, precious chandeliers to fulfill the nobility’s wish to light up  their mansions, Venetian mirrors  and tiny glass beads commonly known as conterie (probably from Latin comptus “decorated”).

In the following centuries the Barbini family would unquestionably become one of the most eminent families in the Venetian Island.


Nowadays, IMuranesi, a brand by Giampaolo Barbini - one of the descendant of that ancient family – is evidence that love for the art of glass making is still alive.




Authenticity warranty: Murano glass