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Seductive is the transparency of this furnace drinking glass. Its surface is enhanced by a particular optical effect growing from the glass mouth-blowing technique according to the very ancient balloton tradition. Made of red glass enriched with the preciousness of a golden leaf, which creates a charming relief finishing of crossed lines on the surface, very pleasing to the touch.
The balloton technique is based on the use of a bronze mould with a particular pattern of small square pyramids which gives the object a unique crossed relief effect during the glassblowing.
Each piece is unique, signed by the glassmaster, provided with IMuranesi stamp and a Certificate of Guarantee.
Sizes and colours can differ or not correspond exactly to the photos. Each item is handmade because unique and original
Colour: Balloton Red / Gold Life
Measures: h9, d8 cm (h3.54, d3.14 in)

Shipping on 28/10

Sizes: 3.54 in - ⌀ 3.15 in

Murano Glass – Made in Italy

Each piece has been carefully hand-made according to the profound knowledge of glassmasters from Murano. Little size and colour variations are due to our artisanal productive process.


The new colourful and precious glasses by IMuranesi are inspired to the classical Furnace Glasses ("Goti de Fornasa" in Venetian dialect and "Bicchieri di Fornace" in Italian). Once upon a time furnace glasses were freely handmade by skilfull glassmasters and their attendants, who would pay no particular care to give those glasses a regular shape. During the hard work time by the hot fire of the furnace, they would mould unique goblets with waste glass - small pieces or cutting of glass from whatever object they were producing in the meantime - to drink a glass of wine ("goto de vin" in Venetian dialect). Thus, the results of their instant creation were glasses different in shape and colour. At the beginning the very aim was to make glasses different so that each glassworker could identify its own: "i Goti del Maestro" (the Master's glasses), "i Goti del Paron" (the glassfactory Owner's glasses), "i Goti dei Serventi" (the Attendants' glasses) were born. Nowadays i goti have become real objects of everyday life (water glass, wine glass, drinking glass) or unique pieces as collector's items well-known all over the world. Modern glassmasters enrich them with silver and gold leaf in order to create a sparkling precious finishing. All working phases depend from the Master's manual skill and the temperature of the glass paste. Each item can never have its identical twin. Each piece is originally "unique".* All our products are provided with a Certificate of Guarantee

Care instructions: It is preferable to wash by hand, using a non-aggressive nor abrasive detergent for dishes.

Good to know: Signed with diamond tip; Label "I Muranesi, Hand Made - Made in Italy" guarantee

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