Buying procedure

This e-commerce website (hereafter called ‘website’) belongs to GIAMPAOLO BARBINI, with registered office in Calle San Bernardo, 24 – 30141 - Murano VENICE (Italy), VAT 04160260271 registration no. and tax code VE-374001.

These General Conditions of Sale, governing on-line purchasing of products sold by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI and deemed to be an integral part of the transaction, are reserved for website Users declaring that they are of adult age under the Italian Law and intend to resort to such a service (End Customers). These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Legislative Decree No. 206/2005  in the Consumer Code. GIAMPAOLO BARBINI complies with its obligations under Legislative Decree dated 9 April 2003 No. 70 (Execution of Directive 2000/31/EC regarding aspects of information society services on the domestic market, with special reference to e-commerce). The sale of products through this website is intended solely for the Users’ personal use, to the exclusion of any professional purposes. All texts, images and design deriving from the products and from images of the products featured on this website are protected under  Law 633/1941 and under Legislative Decree 30/2005. Their (even partial) use is prohibited.

General  conditions of sale

By filling in and submitting the purchase order form according to the following guidelines the Customer shall be deemed to acknowledge and accept these General Conditions of Sale. GIAMPAOLO BARBINI shall send Customer an order confirmation by e-mail within 3 working days from the receipt of the purchase order form following the conclusion of the check-out process: the contract shall be deemed accepted only after this communication has been sent. Non-receipt of this order confirmation within the time limit indicated above shall constitute the order cancellation. Customer shall not be entitled to any award of damages or indemnity, nor shall GIAMPAOLO BARBINI be held liable, in contract and in tort, for the even partial non-acceptance of the order.

By submitting an order to GIAMPAOLO BARBINI, Customer acknowledges and declares that s/he has read all information provided during the purchase procedure, and integrally accepts the General Conditions of Sale regarding delivery, payment, transportation and shipment expenses. Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 70/2003, Customer will receive via e-mail the information needed to identify the Vendor (as indicated in the sales contract), and a summary of the purchase order submitted, as specified below. Customer must keep this documentation. Once the on-line purchasing procedure is completed, Customer shall print and keep these “General Conditions of Sale”, to which Customer shall make no changes, having already seen and accepted them as a mandatory step in the purchasing procedure; Customer shall also print and keep the purchased products specifications, pursuant to the conditions set forth in art. 52 and 53 of Legislative Decree 206/05.

Conditions of sale may be changed at any time by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI (Vendor), holding firm – as far as this contract is concerned – those published in the e-commerce area at the date of the Purchase Order submitted by Customer; as per the Laws in force, the latter will be exclusively liable for the use of this end-user-reserved area, particularly as regards the communication of incorrect or false information, or of third-party data, without express consent of interested parties; or for purchases made for non-personal purposes. The buyer is expressly prohibited from entering false or invented data during the registration procedure provided for processing orders, and is likewise expressly prohibited from making double registrations for a single person, or entering third-party data. In the interest and for the protection of all consumers, GIAMPAOLO BARBINI reserves the right to take legal action against any breach or violation. By submitting an order, Customer acknowledges and accepts the processing of their data within the limits set forth by the Data Protection Act and by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI Privacy Policy. Data collected and registered on this website shall constitute full evidence of transactions concluded between Customer and GIAMPAOLO BARBINI. Should any dispute arise between Customer and GIAMPAOLO BARBINI with regard to a transaction carried out on this website, the data registered by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI will constitute full evidence of that transaction and of its content.

Purchasing instructions

Customer may buy products only as featured in the on-line catalogue and described in product information sheets at the time of submitting the order. Users may consult the pages of this website with no obligation. When wishing to enter a purchase order, Users must choose the products they are interested in and add them to their trolley. Each new product entered will be shown in a dedicated window. Users will be able to check the products chosen and to modify their order at any time by clicking on the “trolley” icon in the upper right-hand corner of each page; or resume their product selection and purchase; or conclude the selection and complete the order check-out procedure. To order selected products, Users must click on their trolley. Their order will show up on the screen.

Receipt and confirmation of the order

The correct order will be confirmed by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI by an email sent to the email address notified by the Customer upon ordering.
The email confirmation of receipt of the reports: the identification number, the date and time of the order, an indication of the products purchased, their price, the delivery cost, the information provided by the Customer about Billing and delivery address, and the payment method chosen by the customer. The Customer shall immediately verify the content of the communication and report immediately to GIAMPAOLO BARBINI any errors or lack of information by contacting GIAMPAOLO BARBINI Customer Service by email to:

Limits  of responsibility

GIAMPAOLO BARBINI  shall not In any event  be  liable for incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind resulting from any use or failure of the products sold. GIAMPAOLO BARBINI. shall not be held liable for actions by third parties who, acting as independent partners, are involved in payment management and settlement activities, in the goods delivery, or in any other operation associated with the execution of contracts concluded via this website. In no case whatsoever shall GIAMPAOLO BARBINI be responsible for fraudulent or improper credit-card use by third parties upon payment of products purchased from this website. At no time during the purchase procedure shall GIAMPAOLO BARBINI acquire the buyer’s credit-card data, as these will be directly transmitted to the receiving bank service via a payment gateway.
Force majeure
Neither party will be held liable for the non-performance (in whole or in part) or for any delay in the performance of their obligations under this contract resulting from an event beyond their control (force majeure). Force majeure events include, but are not limited to: wars, riots, insurrections, serious internet security disturbance, technical failures, unauthorized web-server access and/or intrusion, strikes of any kind, internet or telephone service disruption.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
The sale contract between Customer and GIAMPAOLO BARBINI shall be governed by the Italian Law. Any civil dispute regarding sales contracts concluded through this website between Customer (intended as a private consumer) and GIAMPAOLO BARBINI shall be subject to the unchallengeable jurisdiction of the Court located in the town of residence or domicile of the Customer, wherever s/he may live on the Italian territory. All other cases shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Venice.
All products sold by GIAMPAOLO BARBINI are covered by statutory guarantee for compliance defects (art. 128-135 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 206/2005) to be reported within 15 days from the time they received. In order to benefit from after-sales service warranty, Customer must keep the documentation accompanying delivered goods. Non-substantial variations in shape, size, colour – typical of glassworking, and characteristic  of free handmade products – shall not be considered as  defective or non-conforming.




Authenticity warranty: Murano glass