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Murano glass chandelier: a precious interior complement

Murano glass chandelier: a precious interior complement
23 February 2017

When we choose an interior complement, we express our personality and style. Looking for an object to be a part of our spaces at home or in our life is a very important action, not to be underestimated.

One of the interior complements which best combine aesthetic and function characteristics together is a chandelier. A good lighting system must not only give light, but also express art and design matching the taste of the person who has chosen it.

Murano glass chandeliers are a unique example merging art and beauty in a harmony of shapes, colours and materials. Choosing an interior complement made of Murano glass means feeling free to be raped by the magic of a special object handmade according to the ancient artisanal techniques passed down from one glassmaster to another.

The advantages of a Murano glass chandelier are several, let check them in detail:

  • Unique. Murano glass is a material handmade according to the ancient technique of the typical Venetian glassworking. A Murano glass chandelier expresses all the strength of the raw material it springs from. It is a unique piece of art.
  • Precious. The value of a Murano glass chandelier is unquestionable. Each element it is made of is the result of that artisanal hand-crafted production that can be only realized on the island of Murano. As a guarantee and certification af original production each object by IMuranesi is charcterized by a stamp and a special diamond-point engraving testifying the Made in Venice 100% authenticity.
  • Versatile. Our interior is the key element leading us to the stylistic choice of our furniture. We may either choose to follow a plain guideline to match our style or play with expressiveness aiming at elements which create a smart contrast of colours and shapes. Here Murano glass reigns supreme, it is the material which better fits spaces with different purposes and structures.
  • Functional. Lighting up means choosing the right balance between beauty and functionality. A Murano glass chandelier lives on light, and light enriches Murano glass beauty. Each shining glare is intensified and transforms the chandelier into an interior complement. The artificial light makes glass glimmer and the interior takes a unique atmosphere on.

When we think about a Murano glass chandelier for our home, let's imagine it inside rooms with different purposes. A hall, a sitting-room, a bedroom. Each interior can house the lighting of a Murano glass chandelier. Let's think about how much light and what kind of light we want in order to enlighten our spaces: from all that will depend the size of the chandelier and the number of spots.

A Murano glass chandelier is a precious interior complement to be matched with the style of our own space, be it either a modern loft or a classical lounge. The bond between modernity and tradition gives birth to a happy encounter mixing stylistic elements that redesign classical lines.

Find out our collections of Murano glass chandeliers, elements of design enriched with an artisanal production and custom, a unique proposal which will become the protagonist of your interiors.