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Moonlight Glass Chandeliers: Gleaming emotions at a new incredible price

Moonlight Glass Chandeliers: Gleaming emotions at a new incredible price
28 June 2017

The Moonlight series of Murano glass chandeliers has been created to decorate every space in a new and sartorial way

Its design and its milky white color evoke stories and Murano landscapes, giving life to an unmistakable and inimitable style that fits well with every style of furniture.

Moreover, thanks to the handcrafted nature of Murano glass, Moonlight is completely customizable to suit every need. Just contact our customer service and choose each element and color according to your taste.

Lampadario Moonlight - vetro di Murano

A light jewel

To create a unique product like the Moonlight chandelier, many production phases are needed: Muran glass elements with clean and modern lines are blown one by one and then completed with different finishing decorations, made completely by hand and without the use of moulds.

A real work of art that amazes for its sinuous shapes – derived from the traditional Murano glass aesthetic, re-elaborated in a contemporary and minimalistic key – but also for the nobility of materials used, proving that exclusivity is not only due to the skill of the master glassmaker and the ability to invent new and fascinating lines.
It is also the result of a careful care in the choice of colors and raw materials to ensure an excellent result in every detail.

A brilliant price

Today IMuranesi offers the Moonlight 6 or 8 lights chandeliers at a new 20% discounted price.

It’s the perfect opportunity to discover a unparalleled and original product, up-to-date but that does not forget the glorious Muranese traditions, made of a unique and jealously guarded by Glassmasters artistic patrimony, passed down from generation to generation.

Careful selection of materials, production controlled in the smallest details, use of ancient Murano techniques, ability to rework traditions in a contemporary way, and – starting from today – a new price as exclusive as its design: that’s what sets Moonlight apart.

Find out which Moonlight chandelier version is best suited to your needs: click here.




Authenticity warranty: Murano glass