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Molati, Grey Short Vase


Prestigious Furnace Vases in Murano glass, mouth-blown and artfully hot hand-made to create a shape matching the technique of the hot glassworking and the cold glassworking after the glass temper. The artistry of the Blower Glassmaster and the Engraver Glassmaster meet together to create a unique glass, the artistic level of which is unique. The finishing of the engravure on the glass surface shows such a precious elaborate faceting that it is impossible to repeat it again. Just an experienced glassmaster can create such a perfect object, but just a little wrong carving can wipe all his painstaking work out. Dove grey the elegance of this engraved furnace glass. Each piece is unique, signed by the glassmaster, provided with IMuranesi stamp and a Certificate of Guarantee. Sizes and colours can differ or not correspond exactly to the photos. Each item is handmade because unique and original.

Colour: Dove Grey

Measures: h18, d18 cm (h7.08, d7.08in)