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Rioterà, Grey Vase


A collection of vases, bottles, pendant lights as  exclusive and  unique as Master Paolo Crepax’s skill. Each item is mouth-blown and handmade by the glassmaster. Each blown glass bubble magically turns into an extraordinary glass cap, hot pinched with pliers ("pacae" in Venetian dialect) which give a particolar movement to the inside of the glass. A collection shining into the classical colours transparency of the Muranese tradition: from plain smoky grey to light aquamarine, from delicate lilac to bright yellow and warm karkadé topaz. Limited production of 99 items for each model and colour. Every object is diamond-point signed by Master Paolo Crepax and provided with a certificate of guarantee. Different models are available.

Colour: Crystal Grey 

S - h: 20cm (7.87in), d: 15cm (5.9in)
M - h: 35cm (13.78in), d: 19cm (7.5in)
L - h: 39cm (15.35in) d: 22cm (8.7in)

Each piece is unique, signed by the glassmaster, provided with IMuranesi stamp and a Certificate of Guarantee.

Sizes and colours can differ or not correspond  exactly to the photos. Each item is handmade because unique and original.







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