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IMuranesi is an artistic project started up at the beginning of 2000. It has its deep roots in the creative mood and fancy of Giampaolo Barbini and nowadays it proves to be a brand with a great artistic value. An ultra-ten-year-old experience able to link the art of creating together with the innate passion for glass, the raw material IMuranesi interprets as a kaleidoscopic source of inspiration and unbelievable element of interior design which melts ancient knowledge with modern taste for contemporary design.
IMuranesi creations, available in the best international home decor shops and department stores, meet the tastes of customers who are eager for a modern and innovative design, but at the same time are aware of the exclusive traditional value of Murano glass.
Respectful towards the artisanal identity inside the context of the tradition and the history of the Made-in-Murano, IMuranesi company aims at developing and strengthening its own presence and brand in both the Italian market and the international one, by creating products which are simple-lined and easily accessible.

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All our products spring from a productive process that combines the skillful artisanal tradition with the innovative and up-to-date design of handmade glass. The creation of a single item is the final result of a team working in unison under the guidance of a glassmaster. Each mouth-blown glass creation is artfully handmade and decorated with hot applications, sometimes made of murrine, sometimes made of colourful glass canes or covered with 24 –karat golden leaf or silver leaf. The whole of that makes IMuranesi objects unique artistic creations. Our products are able to exalt the magic of glass, first liquid and pliable raw material which later turns into solid and unchangeable shapes. Our know-how is given by multi-year collaborations with artists and designers, such as Master Paolo Crepax, Architects Cleto Munari, Luca Scacchetti, Paolo Cibic, Carlo Nason and has created unique objects, which melt a strong decorative character with a surprising functionality.

Unique and exclusive features make the collections by IMuranesi stand out. All collections:

  • are artfully handmade in the island of Murano, Venice
  • are 100% handmade certified
  • have a stamp on the surface as a symbol of authenticity
  • are guaranteed by the diamond-point signature on the glass

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