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Moonlight Lantern 3 Lights Chandelier



As the moonlight, this intentionally modern collection of chandeliers and lanterns reflects the whole Murano glass tradition in each of its features. 

Glass elements with clear polished lines, mouth-blown and skillfully finished thanks to ancient artisanal techniques characterize these lighting fixtures.
Each single glass ball is hand-passed through a chrome finish shaft, alternating shapes, colours, transparencies.
A play of variously shaped glass balls distinguishes the central structure.

Opaque white lattimo. Different colours are available upon request: just contact our customer care.

excluding the chain, this is the size of the three elements:

  • h 55cm, d 25cm (h 21.6in, d 9.8in) 
  • h 60cm, d 25cm (h 23.6in, d 9.8in)
  • h75cm, d 25cm (h 29.5in, d 9.8in)


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Shipping on 28/10

Sizes: 29.53 in - ⌀ 9.84 in

Murano Glass – Made in Italy

Each piece has been carefully hand-made according to the profound knowledge of glassmasters from Murano. Little size and colour variations are due to our artisanal productive process.


Moonlight Lantern Murano glass 3 Lights chandelier, mouth blown.
Handmade with the opalino technique. Other colors are available upon request. Prices may vary.

Technique used
The technique used for this product is the vetro lattimo (or opalino) incamiciato.
The product features three superimposed layrs of glass: crystal, lattimo, and colored transparent glass. This technique is used to obtain an opaque effect.

lattimo or opalino glass is a white opaque glass, invented in Murano during the second half of the 15th Century to imitate porcelain.
The white milky color is created by the presence of micro crystals in the glass that change its index of light refraction: the micro crystals do not absorb light but reflect it instead, determining both the opacity and the white color.
This effect is obtained adding to the glass mixture cryolite, zinc oxide, or alumina.

Power: 3 x 60w E27, 3 x 10w ES E247, or 3 x 23w LED E27

Certification: CE standard, UL upon request

Light source: E27 max 60 watts; light bulbs are not included; compatible with energy-saving lightbulbs

Care instructions: Clean the surface with a duster or a damp soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or aggressive detergents.

Good to know: Signed with diamond tip; Label "I Muranesi, Hand Made - Made in Italy" guarantee

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Authenticity warranty: Murano glass