Chandeliers in Murano Glass

Curvy lines and elegant shapes: I Muranesi lighting fixtures collection share modern and essential features which reshape our tradition. Chandeliers, lanterns and pendant lights in our store are the outcome of an artisanal productive process achievable only in the island of Murano.

Since each I Muranesi lighting fixture is hand-made, it offers countless possibilities of colours, sizes and shapes personalizations.

Each item is provided with a sticker  and a diamond-point engraving proving  “100% Made in Venice” authenticity.


  1. Jakaranda, River Blue Lamp


    Jakaranda cieling lamp in Murano glass hand made with colored stick glass.

    Coloured interior lamplight.

    Each piece is unique, signed by the glassmaster, provided with IMuranesi stamp and a Certificate of Guarantee.

    Colour:  River Blue


    Medium - h15, d10, P10 cm


     Sizes and colours can differ or not correspond  exactly to the photos. Each item is handmade because unique and original.

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Authenticity warranty: Murano glass