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You can’t miss this promo: buy a table lamp and get an Opali Vase for free

You can’t miss this promo: buy a table lamp and get an Opali Vase for free
July 24, 2017

With the purchase of a table lamp, IMuranesi will give you an Opal vase for free.

Take advantage of this incredible offer that IMuranesi has designed for Murano glass lovers, until September 15th.

Buy a Murano glass table lamp and receive an elegant vase of the Opali collection, in the exclusive 25cm height version.

What makes our lamps and Opal vases so special?

The Lamps

The lamps designed by IMuranesi are small works of art in Murano Glass, made by hand by the master glassmaker with skilful movements that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

t’s the ancient knowledge of Murano island that makes each of our lamps unique and precious.

Unique because it is handmade without the use of moulds, therefore original and different from the others.

Precious because high quality materials are fused and processed by skilled hands.

Discover our wide choice of table lamps: choose the color and design that you prefer. You will always be sure to take home a little gem of Muranese art, signed by the master, completed with a guarantee certificate.

Opali Vases

With the Opali collection of Vases, IMuranesi has reworked a typical product of the Muranese tradition, a timeless expression of an ever-present design.

It is a mouth blown vase produced with the traditional technique of the “mano volante” (flying hand) and the incamiciato Murano glass: two layers of glass in different color, overlaid. The purpose of the technique is to protect the inner layer of glass from external agents and – at the same time – giving an incredible shining effect to the surface.

The vases belonging to the Opali collection – with their elegant but also daring colors – perfectly represent the uniqueness of glass and the indissoluble bond with the island of Murano, its fascinating history and the incredible cultural heritage springing from its ancient origins.

Thanks to IMuranesi you’ll be able to bring home two designer products, aesthetically refined and hand-made.