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Not only Santa Claus!!!

Not only Santa Claus!!!
December 5, 2018

Saint Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Russia, Greece, Lorraine and Amsterdam, the protector of chidren and of virgins, of pilgrims and travellers, of chemists and lawyers, farmers, distillers and bakers, fishermen and sailors, is the Patron Saint of the glassmakers in Murano. Among the various legends the folklore preserves, a special one tells about how the good bishop rescued three little children from the fire of a furnace, the heart where the art of glass has been moulded for ages on the island. Hence the tradition. On the eve of San Nicolò, the children living in Murano are mysteriously given gifts, symbol of the Saint's generosity and goodness.

Risultati immagini per san nicolòRisultati immagini per san nicolò

In Murano, onDecember 6 an exhibit of glass works is set up for charity with unique masterpieces donated by master glassmakers.

Did you know...

According to the tradition, Saint Nicholas (San Nicolò) was born in Patàra in Lycia in the second half of the III century;he lived in Myra, the modern city of Demre on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Here he was celebrated as beloved bishop.

A lot of legends tells us about the Saint and his generosity...

One among them sounds like an epiphany of what would happen in our most familiar tradition of Father Christmas:Santa Claus would let his sack of presents drop down the chimney of children's houses all around the world. We are told that the good Saint Nicholas gave three poor girls three small sacks with golden coins in them as a dowry, so they could get married and be rescued froma life of prostitution their father had decided to condemn them to survive poverty.

Since Saint Nicholas feared to be found out, he secretly threw two small sacks of coins through the window of the girls' miserable house. Then he climbed onto the roof and let drop the last sack down the chimney!

Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6th December, just when in a lot of countries it's tradition to exchange presents instead of on Christmas day. Thus,Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Babbo Natale, Père Nöel, Ded Moroz («Nonno Gelo») is the medieval Sanctus Nicolaus… … Sinterklaas… Der Nikolaus… Санта Клаус… Sint Nicolaas… San Nicolò

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