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Globi Table Lamp: tradition and modern taste meet halfway.

Globi Table Lamp: tradition and modern taste meet halfway.
June 5, 2017

The production and decoration of Murano glass is an ancient art and perhaps one of the few not to have been changed over time.

The techniques used today by Venetian Masters to shape objects with a unique design and refined soul are the same as centuries ago: the result is a high quality product, handcrafted with the millenary techniques of Murano glass.

Visiting the furnace of a master glassmaker and attending all stages of the process is a special and exciting experience because you are witnessing the birth of a work of art that - small or essential may it be - is unique in the world.

A masterpiece of elegance.

Globi - Lampade in Vetro di Murano

How does a blown Murano glass lamp come to life?

The crucible is removed from the furnace where the vitreous paste is prepared.
From this the master picks up the “bolo”, a large drop of incandescent material, inside which he blows through an iron tube called "canna" (metal rod). Blowing in the barrel while simultaneously rotating it, the maestro creates the object that he’s visualized in his own mind.

I “Globi” collection

This very technique has been used to create the new “Globi” (Globes) product line.
Globi is a collection of table lamps in satin glass that reflects the union between tradition and modern taste to decorate your home with an unmistakable style and give a touch of mystery and intimacy to the atmosphere.

The “Globes” are available in three variants:

  • Murrine Lamp: finished with hot application of a decorative band made of murine with a geometrical design that, with the lamp turned off, reminds to traditional laces made in the island of Burano.
  • Ragnatela Lamp: the application of a white glass paste band draws a special "cobweb" decoration.
  • Spirale Lamp: in this case, the hot application of a white glass-paste band creates a "spiral" decoration that, in its simplicity, expresses the artisanal value of the material at its best

These lamps, once lit, give life to a dance of soft and sinuous lights that conquer the room, with the same charm of the celestial bodies from which they are inspired.