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4 good reasons to buy a Murano glass lamp

4 good reasons to buy a Murano glass lamp
May 12, 2017

The beauty of glass applied to practical use: a design element, shaped from a unique raw material that acquires a functional role in our house and in our spaces, as a protagonist.

Why should you choose a Murano glass lamp for your interior spaces? The magic of light cannot be transmitted only by beautiful chandeliers, where each arm represents an invitation to discover the uniqueness of an antique craftsmanship made of matter and passion, handed down from generation to generation.

We give you four good reasons to understand what are the benefits of a Murano glass table lamp.

Shape: Murano Glass Lamps by IMuranesi are an open collection that expresses style and elegance. Available in various sizes, a particular shape - designed to recreate different lighting effects - characterizes each lamp.
There are for example the Ambiente and Loft collections, recognizable for their oval shape developing upward, where light encounters the external environment. Among Murano lamps we find Foulard, peculiar for the typical handkerchief shape, the result of an original technique of working glass. Massi exploits the plasticity of glass to reproduce a "dented" effect in which the elements of decorum enrich the brightness produced. Oikos, has a rounded form enriched by a special decoration that enhances the extraordinary final effect.

Color: Not only shape, but also colors create special effects. The brightness diffused by a lamp in Murano glass is enriched by the color of the glass of which it is made. Beautiful in a solid color, unique when decorated with thousand special effects, with Murrine (Ambiente Multicolor Lamp), multicolor elements (such as: Loft, Fenicio green lamp), or mince glass of different colors (Ambiente Graniglia Lamp)

Material: Glass. As ancient as unique. Murano Glass is a simple raw material that can enrich any environment thanks to its extreme versatility and the ability to fit as a furnishing element in any design choice. Murano glass lamps are the result of a stylistic research that wants to summarize functionality and design, furnishing and personality.

Light: Murano glass table lamps are an alternative element to the classic chandelier. The design element to insert a lighting point in an interior environment. A precious ingredient that combines the desire to install a bright element in a dark corner or in a dimly lit space, that finds collocation on a table, a dresser, a shelf. The solution to be sought in a refined creation, an expression of care, and an timeless passion for craftsmanship.

Murano Glass lamps could be the missing element to give personality and character to your home. Carefully evaluate your style and find in the wide collection of Murano glass lamps by IMuranesi, one that best suits your needs. Simple but unmistakable, symbol of elegance and handcrafted beauty.

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