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How to decorate with Murano glass vases

How to decorate with Murano glass vases
April 19, 2017

Can glass become a furnishing material? On a journey to discover original and unique solutions to decorate interior spaces, we would like to introduce you to Murano glass vases.

The production of Murano glass over time has become synonymous with craftsmanship and elegance, opening up to the world of high-level design, thanks to the unprecedented stylistic connotation that skilfully combines modern style trends, to the ancient Muranese knowledge.

Size is combined with shape, colours with manufacturing: vases in Murano glass offer incredible optical effects, finding place in the most varied contexts. The collections of vases in Murano glass collect precious furnishing details and their simple and unmistakable lines reflect the vivid play of light on their surfaces.

Glass vases by IMuranesi contain different elements that adapt, for their shapes, to the different aesthetic needs of the public. The greatest discovery is to see in a Murano glass vase a story, knowing how to define the active role that a simple object can have in our lives, within the spaces in which we live and that every day becomes part of our life.

We want to introduce you to some of the most popular Murano glass vases, important both for their characteristics and for the importance they have conquered in the imagination of artistic glass lovers..

A narrow and rangy vase, with a base with soft lines, such as Campiello (in all its colour variants) reveals the search for light, in its unfolding upward. It is born as a blown glass bubble that transforms itself, thanks to the authentic craftsmanship, in a work modeled by the skilful experience of the glass master Paolo Crepax. The transparency of classic tones, typical of the Murano glass tradition, mixes with an incredible brilliance, in a combination of light and matter.

Vaso vetro di Murano Campiello

In Foulard, the handkerchief technique is at its highest expression. The blown Murano glass Foulard vase is bicolor – white inside, coloured on the outside, effected obtained with the incamiciato (sleeved) glass that enriches the surface of luminous reflections. The Foulard vase is a proof of the glass master’s skills, who in first person rotates the “sleeved” glass by free hand, until it takes the shape of a handkerchief. Its beauty lies in the rich shades of Murano glass, which give a modern and contemporary looke.

Vaso vetro di Murano Fazzoletto

Oikos, “Home” in greek, is the Murano glass vase that makes you think of nature and draws inspiration from the marine environment and the forms of the sea urchin. Rounded but elegant, this vase fits into modern environments, but also in classic contexts. The white milk surface is embroidered by an ordered sequence of small black dots, a reminder to the reliefs of the home – the outer shell - of the sea urchin. A furnishing accessory in Murano glass stunning in its simplicity and class.

Vaso Oikos Vetro Murano

A Murano glass vase can prove to be a versatile furnishing element and can find space in any environment, precisely because of its aesthetic and functional features.

As you browse our collections of Murano glass vases, think about how you’d like to design your spaces and your furniture, imagine them as part of your everyday life, so that they tell with - their original presence - your way of being and the personality that characterizes you.