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Muranese glassware for decorating your table with Venetian style

Muranese glassware for decorating your table with Venetian style
April 10, 2017

A glass isn’t only a functional object, a useful container whose purpose is limited to our needs. A glass can become a smart, modern, symbolic furnishing accessory for our table.

There are different types of glasses, made of different materials. Glass, however, remains the primary choice as raw material for the production of many collections. So, why not merging this natural material - alive and full of potential - with the skilful art of master glassmakers from Murano?

Murano glass tableware collections are always accompanied by an aura of magical beauty. Murano glassware reflects a wide range of colours, shades and hues, because glass itself modifies light and returns it in the form of countless different shades.

Let’s enter in the world of Murano furnaces for a moment. The production of Murano glass tumblers and glasses includes a wide range of different shapes and colors, surprising for the variety of collections.

Murano glass water tumbler

Simple lines and precious details. Murano glass water tumblers comply with the strict rules of etiquette. Large and spacious, they are admired for the meticulous and detailed workmanship. Each glass is hand-made, mouth blown to acquire the characteristic shape that is combined with the unique decoration. The surface is processed through manual stapling while the glass is hot, giving an effect of "movement" designed to promote ergonomics and grip. Their origin goes back to the ancient "Goti de Fornasa" (from the Venetian dialect: furnace glasses) glasses for internal use, made without dwelling too much on the forms and style. The masters used them to drink and refresh themselves during the long hours of work in the furnace.

Murano glass Goblets

Their sinuous elegance makes them the perfect choice for unique dinners, when there are special guests, or you want to dress the table for a festive occasion. Goblets by IMuranesi are in mouth-blown Murano glass, worked by hand, and stand out for the hot application of stripings in colourful glass paste, in contrast with a base in a more neutral color. The short stem is embellished with a torchon effect, giving movement to the whole artwork.

When you are looking for exclusiveness, form and style are not always enough. That's why all the products by IMuranesi are guaranteed to be 100% Made in Italy and characterized by aesthetic details and authentic signs, like the stamp, the signature engraved by diamond tip on the glass, and the warranty certificate.

Every glass made according to the ancient Muranese techniques is like a work of art, unique in its kind: it collects styles and shapes, presenting them in a harmony of colours and nuances. To see all the original artworks by IMuranesi, please visit the dedicated section on the website, which brings together the different available creations, with full product descriptions and usage tips.